5 LBS Smoked Kielbasa - Do Not Ship to States West of Illinois

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1.00 LBS
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Do Not Ship to States West of Illinois Due to Perishability.

SMOKED KIELBASA: A classic Polish smoked sausage flavored with garlic. It is stuffed into a natural casing and smoked for five hours with cherry wood, which imparts a deep, reddish color. ABOUT ME: My name is Sam Vitiello and I'm the owner of Sam's Butcher Shop. I'm a small-batch, artisan meat processor and I make my products in a very authentic and traditional way, using cherry wood in an old fashioned smokehouse where the products are slow cooked. You'll notice a rich smoked flavor that is far superior to that of commercial brands. When you receive a product from me, you can be assured that it was made that week. The products are shipped fresh in insulated containers with cold packs and I limit the transit time to two days so that they arrive in the proper temperature range.